Financial Review

The team at LalliCare Pharmacy cares about our clients and we do not want anyone to go without the medications they need because of cost or cash flow issues.


Finding a way to fit prescriptions into your household budget can be difficult for many of us.  LalliCare Pharmacists work with our clients to access programs that can reduce (or even cover) the cost of prescriptions, based on factors such as your annual income level.


We can also help if you have an insurance provider who requires you to submit your prescription receipts for reimbursement.  Our staff will submit paperwork on your behalf  to insurance companies who allow this.   We do not want to see any of our clients go without medications you need.

Customer care is our priority at LalliCare Pharmacy and we invite you to stop by our 1139 Yates Street location to see how we can be of service to you with your prescription and health care needs.

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