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The LalliCare Pharmacy team believes that health care is a three-way partnership between you, your doctor and your pharmacist.

Our role is to spend time learning about you and your health and then, working with your doctor, recommend a course of treatment that suits you best. LalliCare Pharmacies have taken this collaborative approach towards patient care from the start and we are proud of its success.

Our pharmacies offer traditional prescription dispensing services as well as specialty compounding for you (and your pets!), blister packaging and free delivery throughout the Greater Victoria area.We also stock our shelves with home medical supplies and commercial health care products and are pleased to include these products with our prescription home delivery service.

For more information about our services, please call our 1139 Yates Street location at (250) 386-5100

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Sukhi Lalli does more than dispense pills in his Yates Street store ... much, much more

There's no white lab coat, he doesn't stand two feet above the crowds peering over a mantel strewn with pill boxes and dispensing equipment and there's no brand name other than his own moniker plastered on his pharmacy's front door. And though capable of understanding the hieroglyphics etched onto a prescription slip, Sukhi Lalli is not your typical pharmacist.

The soft-spoken 54 year-old prefers to be on the front lines, greeting people by name at a desk rather than the raised counters from which most pharmacists dispense medication. He is also willing to bite the hand that feeds him by exploring alternative therapies with clients rather than simply subscribing to the adage of medicate, medicate, medicate.

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Sukhi Lalli, B.Sc.(Pharm) R.Ph.

Sukhi Lalli, B.Sc.(Pharm)...


Sonia Lalli, B.Sc.(Pharm)...

Angie Dhami, B.SC.(PHARM) R.PH.

Angie Dhami, B.SC.(PHARM)...



No. It doesn’t matter whether the pills are OTC or prescription, please bring them in to our Yates Street or Esquimalt Road location for proper disposal.

You are in the at risk group and you should get a flu shot. You may be in good health today but, should your immune system be weakened by some other condition, you could become susceptible to the flu.