Blister Packaging

Have you ever second guessed yourself about whether or not you already took your medication today?  Maybe even convinced yourself that you did and a few moments later, stopped again and wondered if you might have been thinking about yesterday.

LalliCare Pharmacy can take away the stress and worry about missing your medication or double dosing simply by switching from pill bottles to blister packaging.

In blister packaging, our staff places each dose of your medication for a given dosage day and time in a transparent pouch that is mounted on heavy card stock.  You simply pop out your dosage through the tin foil cover on the back of the pouch at the dosage day and time shown on the card.

here’s a pouch for every day, or multiple pouches per day if you need to take the same medication or multiple medications more than once a day.  We can also tailor package your medications for prescription directions that call for dosages every other day or other specific regimens throughout the course of the week.

We take care to label each medication clearly with directions for use so that you have all information in one handy place.

Once you try blister packing, you’ll never go back to wrangling the lids off pill bottles and worrying about when you took your last dose.

Stop by or call our 1139 Yates Street pharmacy at (250) 386-5100 to find out more about blister packaging your prescriptions.

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